Documents & Media

Dissemination downloadables – Poster and Leaflet

A poster and a leaflet, representing the Consortium, the Project and its objectives have been released in period 1 of the Mycorray Project.

These 2 items have generic information of Mycorray and its objectives and both are addressed to the general public. The documents are inviting the receivers to check the website and subscribe for upcoming news and details regarding the development of the prototype.

The files can be easily downloaded and printed.

On behalf of the entire Consortium, thank you for contributing to the Mycorray dissemination activities plan.

MYCORRAY – Logo and concept

Different logos and concepts have been presented to the Consortium in order to select a suitable design capable of transmitting concepts as “innovation”, “wine sector”, “technology”, “grapes”, etc.
In case you wanted to write about MYCORRAY or contribute in the dissemination of this innovative project, please feel free to download a zip file with the logos in a good resolution and do not forget to link your communications to this website.
Thank you for your collaboration.

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